First few days in Bologna

After a harrowing trip from Paris that involved surrendering 288 euros to a totally crappy budget airline called “EasyJet”, a bus and a train, and one klonopin, I arrived in Bologna last Friday. The city has an appeal that’s not super obvious.  I’ve always loved it. It’s dark and its historic center has a lot of medieval architecture.  The porticos create echoes as you walk, and a gray humidity pervades the city.  The food is incredible.  Besides Turin, it’s one of Italy’s more bookish cities due to the university.

The first few days have been great.  My roommates Sabrina and Gaspare are wonderful and funny.  Here begins the photoessay:

Nicolaus Copernicus' studio

Via Galliera

My neighborhood.

On Sunday, Gaspare, Sabrina and their friend Ivano took me to lunch outside of town to the hills above Bologna.  We ate at Fienile Fluò, an old hayloft that has been converted into a restaurant, theater and performance space.

Ivano and Gaspare


Lunch was a tagliere of cheese, meets and olives, tagliatelle al ragù, a contorno of cabbage and chocolate cake.

Piazza maggiore

Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio

I just started studying at the Archiginnasio. It’s cute.

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