Hi! I’m Jonathan. I might be your friend or family member!  I might be your ex-boyfriend! I might be a fraud in cyberspace!  Regardless of our relationship, you are reading my blog right now.  I am a graduate student at NYU who is taking some time away from New York to actually do my work. I’m an Italianist, so my travels are taking me to Bologna where I hope to do some research and not get too fat. Before I arrived in Bologna just a few days ago, I spent some time in Paris to acclimate myself to the rigors of life on the continent.

In order to better organize my thoughts (which usually take the form of a frayed mess), I decided a FAQ would be the best format. If you feel I’ve left a critical question or issue out, please e-mail me and I will add it if I deem it as important as you do.

What will you write about? I feel that reportage is agonizing and difficult to keep up, so it will only be loosely informative or diaristic. It will mostly be visual, I think, and I think I will also write about my work on here when I feel I am encountering some sort of blockage in my academic writing. I generally want to detail what I am experiencing, but am reticent of claiming this as a record.

Will all this blog’s posts boast this self important, quasi earnest tone? Hopefully not.

Why is this blog called “Dotto e grasso”? Good question, self! Bologna is known in Italian popular culture for its three trademarks: food (Emilia-Romagna is known for its gastronomy), education (Bologna is the seat of the oldest university in Europe) and communism (it has long been the most left-leaning city in Italy. For that, it is called la grassa, la dotta e la rossa; or , the fat, the learned, and the red. I am keen on the first two, and ambivalent about the third, hence this name for my blog.  I also was interested in the name “BLOGNA” but some clever guy or girl seems to have already taken it.

Will I be able to comment on it? Absolutely not.

Please remit other questions so that I can include them.  Perhaps, instead of leaving comments, you can e-mail me questions every now and then and I can answer them in my posts.  It will be like Savage Love, or maybe Dear Abby, but only transatlantic and thus more spicy.


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